Yoga of Liberation | Bio
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Jill Abelson

  My older sister will tell you that as a little kid, I spent most of my time upside down or hanging from the cupboards — that’s what happens when you binge watch the American public TV series “Lilias Yoga and You” and the Jackson Five. My love of yoga and movement started at an early age. I was a lucky kid, in that respect.

I rediscovered yoga after college and by the late 1990s, after many visits to the NYC studio, I had a hunch that — personally and professionally — all roads were leading me to Jivamukti. I completed the 300-hour teacher training with Sharon Gannon and David Life in 2005, the 800-hour apprenticeship under Nicole Narayani Nichols at the New York City center in 2008 and the Advanced Certification in 2012. My other yoga trainings, with Shiva Rea in Prana Vinyasa, David Swenson in Ashtanga and Lex Gillan in Hatha Yoga, were equally powerful and continue to inform my work today.

I’m grateful beyond words for my teachers Sharon and David, my Sanskrit and philosophy teacher Manorama d’Alvia and H.G. Vaisesika Dasa of ISKCON Silicon Valley. In the Bay area, my favorite yoga teachers and colleagues include Mark Morford, Rusty Wells, Stephanie Snyder, Darren Main and Amanda Moran, to name a few. Humble bows also to my extraordinary dance teachers, Lee Wei Chao and Sandra Chinn.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free.


I am often asked, What is Jivamukti Yoga and what makes it special?

Jivamukti was founded in NYC in 1984 and from the early days was always known as a trailblazer. It was, in many ways, the first U.S.-based studio to bring together the physical, philosophical and spiritual aspects of yoga, and still does. The school is thriving around the world, as yoga fans turn more and more to a holistic practice that aligns with their values, namely,  compassion and community. You will find devoted Jivamukti students and teachers all over the world today, with studio hubs in the U.S., Mexico and in Europe. Jivamukti hosts an annual Tribe Gathering and two, 300-hour international teacher trainings each year, representing the “gold standard” in yoga certification programs.


Yoga Alliance 500E-RYT/YACEP, Yoga Teaching Certifications:

Jivamukti Yoga 300 hour (2005) + 800 hour Teacher Training (2008) + Advanced Certification (2012)

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Shiva Rea (2001)

Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson (2001)

Art of Assists Studies with Yoganand Michael Carroll  (2003) + Raja Yoga Studies with Stephen Cope (2002) at Kripalu Center for Yoga

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Lex Gillan (1999)